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3 Simple Things That Make You A Better Person

When we start to see a half-full glass instead of a half-empty one, we start to appreciate the little things we have instead of complaining about the little things we don’t have.

Have you ever felt like time just flies and you wonder where did they all go? In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with news, social media, and hangouts with friends & family. Life is now traveling at the speed of light. 

It’s getting extremely challenging for people to slow down and reflect on the things that happened in their lives and make adjustments as necessary. Meditation is one way we can do that along with receiving other numerous benefits that improve our well-being. 

Heartwood Mendocino, CA

Last weekend, I went on a camping trip in Mendocino, California with 19 other people. The campsite was absolutely breathtaking with cute cabins surrounded by tall trees. 

We spent 3 quality days together where we all get to know each other, and bonded over board games, music, and food. Words cannot describe the experience I went through with such an amazing group of people. 

I reflected on everything that happened during the trip and wanted to share 3 simple things that I seemed to have forgotten.

Here are 3 simple things to remember as we get through our busy lives

simple things
Image by Jupi Lu from Pixabay

1. Be the kindest you can be to as many people as you can, for the longest you can

Being kind may come in the form of treating others respectfully and offering help unconditionally whenever and wherever it’s needed. In today’s self-centered and individualistic society, kindness can be scarce. People also tend to take advantage of others’ kindness or take them for granted. 

This random act of kindness that I’ve witnessed recently just blew my mind. These two young men really impressed me and they reminded me to always try to be kind to others. Kindness is powerful and it’s contagious. Whoever witnessed or received kindness tends to want to give it to others.

Speak respectfully; listen patiently; seek understanding; lend a hand; all of these are the little kind gestures that we can do now to not only make ourselves a better human being in society but can also make a positive impact on someone else’s life. 

 So, how kind can you be? How do you choose to practice your kindness? 

2. Be grateful, and express it

Learning to be grateful is the first step to a more content and satisfying life. When we start to see a half-full glass instead of a half-empty one, we start to appreciate the little things we have instead of complaining about the little things we don’t have. This mindset literally changed my life and how I view the world. I became less resentful and more compassionate. 

However, being grateful is only the first step. If you’re thankful for someone about something, tell them. There’s nothing to be ashamed of for confessing your gratitude. Instead, you will make someone’s day by telling them how much you genuinely appreciate them.

This not only is very powerful, but it also strengthens the bonds you have with this person almost instantly. Not only that, but your expression of gratitude to them will also enhance the good qualities that they already have and encourage them to continue being kind to others. 

Who just came to mind as you read this? Tell them now! 

3. Always be your true self regardless of how other people see you

Throughout the trip, I noticed I had some reservations when I interacted with others. It reminded me of my younger self who was shy, awkward, and introverted. I’ve always been the one who mostly listens and avoids the crowd’s attention.

I still dislike attention as that makes me really nervous and uncomfortable. But why? Perhaps it’s the lack of confidence in myself. Perhaps it’s the fear of other people’s judgment.

But none of that should matter. Everyone is unique in this world and other people’s judgment means nothing except for the meaning we give it. In fact, people pay less attention to us than we think. 

I should have gone up to every person and really gotten to know them. Every person on earth carries a unique story that I often find intriguing. 

When I moved to the bay, I remembered the joy and excitement I felt when meeting new people. I felt like my “extroversion” is unleashed when being around people gives me energy. Doing things with friends and getting to know them was really fun and that puts a smile on my face.

Throw away all the doubts you have and just be yourself. 


What are your simple reminders in life that make you a better person?

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