About Me

Personal Development

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
― Socrates

Life is full of the odds, the enlightenment and so many more to not be shared. I am an ordinary person who values constant self-improvement and strives to always be 1% better than yesterday.

My photography, Rockefeller Center during Christmas
Rockefeller Center during Christmas
My photography, astonishing buildings in New York City
Astonishing buildings in New York City
My photography, Broadway and Wall St cross street
Broadway and Wall St cross street

What I blog about

Personal Development

My beloved cat
My Tequila Cat

I once thought my life isn’t particularly interesting compared to others. Then I realized everyone goes through different experiences and they’re not comparable, even if two people attended the same event.

There is always a thought, an idea, or a lesson that popped into my head as I go through these life experiences. I would like to share them with the world and build a community that strives to be 1% better than yesterday. Hopefully, these insights and thoughts would help you as much as they helped me become my better self. Every post on this blog will be original that come from this little brain of mine.

Buckle up and follow along the journey in exploring topics related to career, culture & society, life, money & wealth, philosophy, relationships, and self-improvement.

As someone who obsesses with growth, I’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions, or topic ideas that you’d like me to explore. Send me a message!