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3 Lessons I Learned That You Can Apply Now

Have you ever had the thought like, “Damn, it’s already March.”, or “Omg, my birthday is coming up again.”?  Well, I sure have those moments frequently, and here we are in 2023 (and heck, the first quarter just went by!).  How did your 2022 go? What are some of the happy moments that first popped into your head that you would like to cherish them?… Read More »3 Lessons I Learned That You Can Apply Now

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Meditation

What is meditation? About two years ago, I was meeting up with my friend at the gym for a week-night workout. As we were warming up, she asked me: “Have you tried meditation?” “No, what’s that? What does it do?” I asked. “It’s basically a practice of focus that increases the awareness of your thoughts, that promotes emotional stability and clarity. You should give it… Read More »Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Meditation

How to be More Productive

“I have so much to do, how can I be more productive?” In a world that’s busier and more distracting than ever, it’s getting more challenging to stay focused. Oftentimes, we can confuse ourselves with being productive from being busy. Being busy is mindless work without necessarily producing any value. Being productive is more than just checking things off. It’s about focusing on the most… Read More »How to be More Productive